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Re: Debian not suitable for SSD due to apt/dpkg?

On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 10:26:57PM +0200, Frank Bauer wrote:
> I am considering migrating my Debian testing system to a SSD to speed things up.
> Since SSD lifetime is severely limited (about 5000 overwrites for
> consumer grade MLC), I wanted to know beforehand, how much writes does
> my system generate.

If you have 5000 erase cycles, it will run for 13 years if you overwrite
it once per day. Do you really expect this device to work until this?

> iostat (part of sysstat) revealed, that simple apt-get update command
> generated about 250MB of writes!

How does it reveal this?

> We are talking about current debian testing on ext4 filesystem with
> noatime option enabled.

You also need discard.

> Daily apt-get update && apt-get upgrade consumes about 1.2GB of writes
> (downloaded size is usually <100MB)

Disable pdiffs, mount /var/cache/apt as tmpfs, so at least the packages
are not written again.

> Do you have similar experience? Isn't that a bit excessive? Can it be avoided?

No idea, it is irrelevant. No. Partially.


Ahead warp factor one, Mr. Sulu.

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