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[OT] kernel modules

>>>>> Eric Valette <eric.valette@free.fr> writes:


 > I do not want to compile microcode tool as a module because module
 > loading juts slows down the boot process and contrarilly to many
 > other package requiring firmware, this one does not enable to load
 > firmware when not compiled as a module.

 > So it does not work for people compiling their own kernel and not
 > using modules (when you tailor your kernel for a given machine,
 > modules are just slowing the boot process and do not bring anything).

	Unless under very specific circumstances, the use of a modular
	kernel brings one the ability to replace the particular hardware
	the system runs on at will.

	Say, it's possible to replace a just burned motherboard with an
	Intel CPU with a different one having an AMD CPU instead.  Or
	one may take the HDD holding the system and put it into a wholly
	different box, while often retaining the ability to boot.

	For these reasons, in the majority of cases, compiling a
	non-modular kernel doesn't worth the effort, and may also be
	harmful to the system's operation.

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