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Re: nacl and CPU frequency.

On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 05:20:05PM +0100, peter green wrote:

> >>In order to build successfully nacl needs to determine the CPU
> >>frequency (the CPU frequency determined at build time is not
> >>used in the final binaries afaict but if it's not determined
> >>then the build will fail as it will consider the implementation
> >>broken and if it can't find any non-broken implementations it
> >>won't build).
> >
> >If the build process is trying to discover information that it
> >then discards then why not just patch it to not do so?
> It's not the build process itself doing the determination, it's the
> code being built and
> tested (as I said the build process tries various implementations
> until it finds one that
> works),
Did you ask the nacl upstream about why they needed that code to be
built?  I think referring them to your initial message in this thread
might make them think about patching/removing that code.

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