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Re: nacl and CPU frequency.

Russell Coker wrote:
On Sun, 23 Sep 2012, peter green <plugwash@p10link.net> wrote:
In order to build successfully nacl needs to determine the CPU frequency (the CPU frequency determined at build time is not used in the final binaries afaict but if it's not determined then the build will fail as it will consider the implementation broken and if it can't find any non-broken implementations it won't build).

If the build process is trying to discover information that it then discards then why not just patch it to not do so?
It's not the build process itself doing the determination, it's the code being built and tested (as I said the build process tries various implementations until it finds one that

So sure I could patch the build process to force it to build the generic implementation without testing it but if it then doesn't work for many users I won't really have gained

>Surely you as the DD can determine which architectures aren't "broken"
Not being able to read the clockspeed doesn't seem to be determined by debian architecture, it seems to be kernel related. e.g. on my beagleboard XM I can see the
clocksepeed in /sys/ but on my imx53 I can't. On my amd64 laptop I can't see
the speed in /sys but I can see it in /proc/cpuinfo.

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