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Re: assumptions about the build environment.

On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 08:26:24PM +0100, peter green wrote:
> I just discovered that on my beagleboard XM (under armhf sid) nacl
> (which previously build on a debian experimental armhf buildd but
> not a debian unstable armhf buildd) will build if /sys is mounted
> but will not build if it is not mounted. Can packages assume that
> /sys will be mounted in the build environment or not?

By default, you get /proc, /dev/pts and /sys mounted.  Unless the
buildd admin specifically configured they system differently than
the defaults (/etc/schroot/buildd/fstab).

> IIRC it is generally established that packages are not allowed to
> rely on an internet connection during build but if one is present
> are they allowed to assume it's non-broken. I recently came accross
> a package ( sslh ) which fails to build in the presense of nxdomain
> hijacking. Is that a bug?

You are not supposed to rely on any network connectivity during a
package build.  If it's present, that's just happenstance; it's
not guaranteed to be present and/or functional, and you should not
be using it under any circumstances.  Local loopback is OK though
for e.g. unit testing services.

Just for the record, I'm planning on adding support for
unshare(CLONE_NEWNET) in schroot post wheezy.  This will allow
the buildd (sbuild) to request that networking be explicitly
turned off (bar localhost) during a package build.  This will
break any buggy packages which are relying on networking during
a build.


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