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assumptions about the build environment.

While working on debian one thing I have not managed to find is documentation on what packages can and can't assume about the build environment. Does such documentation exist and if not should it be created.

Some specific cases i'm wondering about:

I just discovered that on my beagleboard XM (under armhf sid) nacl (which previously build on a debian experimental armhf buildd but not a debian unstable armhf buildd) will build if /sys is mounted but will not build if it is not mounted. Can packages assume that /sys will be mounted in the build environment or not?

IIRC it is generally established that packages are not allowed to rely on an internet connection during build but if one is present are they allowed to assume it's non-broken. I recently came accross a package ( sslh ) which fails to build in the presense of nxdomain hijacking. Is that a bug?

Some time ago I found that a package (I think it was openjdk but I don't remember for sure) which relied on uname -r such that linux32 had to be used to build it in an i386 chroot on an amd64. However since then I'm pretty sure i've seen similar cases with other packages on other architectures being treated as bugs.

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