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Re: Debian Policy released

Joey Hess writes ("Re: Debian Policy released"):
> That would include large numbers of haskell libraries and binaries that
> statically link other haskell libraries. Even though most such
> libraries actually have no source license requirements.

The requirement to ship the source for the binaries we ship is not
something we do (only) for licensing reasons.  It is something we do
because it's necessary if our output is to be Free.

If the corresponding versions of the libraries have been deleted from
the archive then the user will not be able to fix bugs or whatever and
rebuild their binaries, without upgrading to new libraries too.

> For that matter, don't all executables statically link to small portions
> of libgcc and libc? It seems beyond redundant to require that be listed
> every time.

This is a bit different I think, mainly because these bits of libgcc
are very small.


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