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Re: status of eligibility of dug lists on lists.debian.org

also sprach Roger Lynn <Roger@rilynn.me.uk> [2012.09.19.2150 +0200]:
> Unless all the members of a group are beginners, isn't this an
> opportunity for a more experienced member to learn about hosting
> a server, how email works, setting up a mailing list and using
> Debian? I first set up a Mailman instance when I had been using
> Debian for about three years and I was not a sysadmin, although
> admittedly I do develop embedded software.

I ran many Debian-related lists on my private and university
infrastructures. It's all fun and possible, until you find yourself
struggling to meet a deadline and your server goes down. While it's
already a pain to restore one's own services (but one can take a few
days), it's a real shame if this means that the LUG will miss
a meeting or the like.

So the solution was to get one or two additional people, and
eventually I was even able to invest in more fail-proof hardware.

… and then you ask yourself what to do with all the spare cycles and
wouldn't other LUGs profit from your setup… And you keep going and
going and the dependence on you grows.

Then someone comes around and institutionalises this effort. Born
was teams.debian.net with the intent to provide teams with
a collaboration platform so that lists.d.o could concentrate on
"official lists" and alioth.d.o could remain focused on development.
It was hosted next to official Debian infrastruture and it looked
like it would become official and properly maintained.

But teams.debian.net isn't working properly anymore and hasn't been
for a while. It never got moved into the debian.org domain and it
doesn't seem official.

Now there are three ways forward:

  1. take back the mailing list, my infrastructure still exists and
     could handle it, but am I willing to give a guarantee for the
     next years to come?

  2. work with teams.debian.net to get it back up to speed.

  3. or use the official and professionally maintained
     infrastructure on alioth.d.o or lists.d.o, which can probably
     handle a couple dozens of additional lists. I can understand
     that we don't want a new list for every formation or group in
     the Debian universe, but a list for large groups like the
     Debian users in and around of Munich should arguably be doable.

My preference is clearly (3.). Maybe one of the sysadmins who could
host their own LUG list would be interested in helping the
listmasters. And should the hardware not be enough, then we can
probably find ways to upgrade it.

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