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Re: status of eligibility of dug lists on lists.debian.org

On 19/09/12 13:50, anarcat wrote:
> Andrei POPESCU wrote:
>> [x] E: Host lists on their own server in someones basement
> See that's exactly what I'm talking about - *I* can do this, I can host
> lists in my "basement" (or my "freedombox", call it what you like), as
> I am an experienced sysadmin and developer. But this is not something
> anyone can do in their basement. Email is specifically hard to host
> behind home connexions - I have been doing it for a while, but it's been
> an uphill battle all that time...
> But my concern is: what should a non-developer, non-sysadmin do in this
> situation? Aren't we telling our users to go away here?

Unless all the members of a group are beginners, isn't this an opportunity
for a more experienced member to learn about hosting a server, how email
works, setting up a mailing list and using Debian? I first set up a Mailman
instance when I had been using Debian for about three years and I was not a
sysadmin, although admittedly I do develop embedded software.


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