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question about section and name of a manpage


  In short, I would like to describe environment variables that
can modify the behavior of a library.
How should I name the manpage ? libXX ? libXX.so ? libXX.so.1 ? XX ?
In which section should I put this manpage ? (7 ?)
Note that I do not want to describe the API of the library.

  With more details:

  I'm upstream author and maintainer of a library that has multiple
packaged implementations. It is the libOpenCL.so.1 library. My
implementation in the ocl-icd project is free, but AMD, NVidia and
Intel also provide (non-free) implementations of libOpenCL.so.1.
  Note that libOpenCL.so.1 is not a OpenCL implementation, it is just
a loader for real OpenCL implementations. So AMD, NVidia, Intel and
ocl-icd OpenCL loaders (libOpenCL.so.1) can be freely exchanged
(modulo the supported OpenCL version and bugs) and they
do *not* enforce one or another OpenCL implementation (AMD, NVidia,
Intel, Pocl, ...)

  The libOpenCL.so.1 API comes from the OpenCL API. I do not want
to describe it in my manpage.
  However, the ocl-icd implementation of libOpenCL.so.1 uses
environment variables in order to offer (non standard) extended
features (capability to test an ICD in its build tree, dump of
information about loaded OpenCL implementation, ...)
  I would like to describe these environment variables in a
manpage but I do not know how to name it. I can think of :
- OpenCL (but user would better find official OpenCL here ?)
- libOpenCL
- libOpenCL.so
- libOpenCL.so.1
- ocl-icd (the name of the project providing this implementation)
- ???
And my first idea would be to put this manpage in the
section 7 (misc).

  What do you think of all of that?


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