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Re: [juhtolv@iki.fi: Are you MIA?]

On 10.09.2012 12:47, Ian Jackson wrote:
Juhapekka Tolvanen writes ("[juhtolv@iki.fi: Are you MIA?]"):
I sent that E-Mail 2012-08-10 and I still haven't got any answer.
Hence, it is obvious and evident that Debian-developer is MIA. Please, follow your own protocols to handle the situation. I think I did what
I must do, already.

Your email, as you quote it, is quite unpleasant.  I'm not surprised
you didn't get a reply.

It's also inaccurate.

But it is also very ridiculous to have RC-bugs like #155182
unresolved many years.

Outstanding bugs -- Important bugs; Unclassified (3 bugs)

#155182 [i| | ] [arpwatch] arpwatch: Reports strange errors on arm

None of the open bugs listed on the URL above have RC severity.



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