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Re: Renaming packages: maintscripts

On 03.09.2012 12:15, Guillem Jover wrote:
> But then --control-path was intended only for read accesses for things
> like dpkg-repack or dpkg-reconfigure, never for *removing* files from
> the dpkg database. Removing such files from maintainer scripts is just
> *wrong*, the correct solution is to force an upgrade to a transitional
> package that does not contain conffiles/maintscripts.

The only question remains is how to force this upgrade.  Yes that's the
nice thing to do, but I don't have other ideas but to _depend_ on this
transitional package.

> This option is going to go away relatively soon (in deprecation time
> terms); for 1.17.x I'm planning to make it issue warnings, something I
> didn't do for 1.16.x because the new interfaces were introduced pretty

A warning sent to /dev/null.  Oh well.

> late in the release cycle and as such only available pretty recently,
> would have involved an annoying “transition”, and I didn't consider it
> fair at that point. I was planning on removing it on 1.18.x, but it
> might probably have to wait until 1.19.x.

Since I implemented this dpkg-query usage for autofs for now, since
for _now_ it is the only workable solution, and we only support upgrades
to next release, I'll remove this whole thing for jessie.  Does it make



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