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Re: Bug#684396: ITP: openrc -- alternative boot mechanism that manages the services, startup and shutdown of a host

On 09/02/12 20:43, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> Hi!
> Just for the record (and I might be wrong with this information,
> because I don't have it from a "official" Gentoo source):
> I heard from a Gentoo dev that they will switch from OpenRC to
> systemd,
>  and find the possibility very funny that Gentoo switches to
> systemd from OpenRC and Debian switches to OpenRC from init. :-)
> So, it looks like Gentoo devs see value in systemd so they're consider
> dropping OpenRC for systemd.
There is a non-empty set of people that thinks it's a good idea.
They are a small but very annoying minority that makes life hard for
everyone else, so they risk getting severely ignored if they continue to
cause problems.
> About the general issue: I think whoever wants to work on stuff should
> be able to work on it, so having OpenRC packages is not really a bad
> thing. So, if someone wants to do it, just do it :-)
> For making OpenRC default I have an other opinion: I consider systemd
> superior and I think making OpenRC default is just the wrong way.
That's where opinions go apart. But right now systemd doesn't have many
features (well, things I consider features) over OpenRC.
And I really seriously prefer things I can fix, if I wanted magic
blackbox stuff I'd be using a Mac. The added complexity of systemd is
definitely not a feature at all for me.

Oh well. The arguments are basically the same, it depends on your
You can easily argue for or against both sides just by shifting the
weight you give to things like ease of use.
(Which makes most of these discussions so hilarious because we all
violently agree ...)

Personally I'm slowly getting tired of the forced vertical integration
and change just to change things, so I'll be over there in the corner,
working on obsolete technologies ;) (thanks, Lennart, you're such a
funny prankster)

And if you get tired of chasing a constantly changing target, well, be
welcome back :)

Have a nice day,


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