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Re: Stuff from /bin, /sbin, /lib depending on /usr/lib libraries

I demand that Steve Langasek may or may not have written...

> The Fedora implementation does not require us to drop support for /usr as a
> separate filesystem.  It only requires us to ensure /usr is mounted before
> init is started.
>  - /usr as a separate filesystem mounted from an initramfs: supported
>  - /usr on the root filesystem: supported


>  - /usr on a separate filesystem without the use of an initramfs: not
>    supported... and no discernable user demand for this.

I use exactly that on most computers which I've set up (primary exception
being a netbook, due to limited storage), and I don't want an initramfs.
There may come a time when I decide to change this in favour of no separate
/usr partition, but I very much doubt that it'll be before I need to replace

I've carefully avoided use of initramfs images; I don't plan to start using
them just so that /usr can be mounted early.

You can call it irrational or whatever else you like; I don't care.

> My knee-jerk reaction to the Fedora proposal had been that it was sick and
> wrong and would cause unacceptable breakage for users on upgrades if Debian
> adopted the same plan. However, I struggled to formulate a concrete
> scenario where losing support for that last configuration would actually
> make a difference.

Upgrade-in-place ‘legacy’, if you like.

[snip; not worth maintaining the distinction?]
> This, plus the extensive upstream use (IMHO misuse) of software installed
> to /usr as part of udev rules, means that in reality an ever increasing
> number of libraries need to be shipped in /lib to properly handle
> bootstrapping the mount of /usr using only the contents of /.

My opinion? Misuse, with the intention of moving away from separate /usr.

> In contrast, if we use an initramfs to handle mounting of /usr, we move all
> the complexity out of the packaging and instead pull components into the
> small initramfs only as needed.  As far as I've been able to determine,
> there really is no downside to the user from making this switch.

For me, the presence of an initramfs is a downside when I've been able to do
without without problem for so long.

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