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Re: Bug#684726: ITP: check_v46 -- Icinga / Nagios plugin for dual stacked (IPv4 / IPv6) hosts

Hi Bernd.

On Tue, 2012-08-28 at 14:44 +0200, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> > Actually I'd prefer to have nagios-contrib split up... I mean I think
> > that's to some extent a general Debian problem, that there are such
> > package collections, with a high number of deps (via
> > recommends/suggests), and the user has to look himself which ones he
> > really needs.
> > That's kinda stupid IMHO,... as it makes the dependency system useless.
> Then just install everything in recommends (which is actually the
> default unless you disabled the installation of recommends, which is
> your problem then) and be happy.
Well but many people disable this, because otherwise you get "tons" of
stuff you don't need nor want.
And Recommends here is merely a "workaround", isn't it?

The policy's definition of recommends is rather vague, but I think it's
often use when a package is required to use "optional" functionality of
the recommending package.

But when you look at compilation packages like nagios-contrib, the
single components often _depend_ on the recommended packages.

That's what I meant :)

> You'll end up with some megabytes of
> libgraries, nothing that will do any harm unless you are out of diskspace.
Well,... and sometimes even daemons, new users/groups, etc. pp.



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