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Re: Enabling uscan to simply remove files from upstream source

On 12-08-21 at 12:21pm, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Regarding the implementation there was some uncertainity about the 
> actual Perl module to use.  In the attached example script I decided 
> to stick to Dpkg::Control and left the code for Parse::DebControl as a 
> comment which could pretty easily could replace the other parser.

Do Dpkg::Control::Hash provide the equivalent of flags discardCase and 
singleBlock for Parse::DebControl, or are those considered unimportant?

As I recall, Copyright Format 1.0 is enabled by its identifying Format: 
line being the first line of the file, and my proposal is for 
Files-Excluded lines to be in that same section (and only there).  Also, 
I seem to recall during the development of the format that it should be 
ok to add non-machine-readable chunks _after_ the machine-readable 
parts.  That's why I found it quite compelling to me that those two 
flags existed in Parse::DebControl: You don't accidentally (although 
arguably quite rare) pickup unintended hints further down the file.

 - Jonas

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