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Re: Depends: hicolor-icon-theme: shouldn't it be Recommends: instead?

On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 11:07 AM, Ivan Shmakov <oneingray@gmail.com> wrote:
>   Abstract
>         The non-data packages currently having an absolute dependency on
>         hicolor-icon-theme should consider downgrading it to Recommends:
>         at the least.  The list, and the explanation, are below.
>   Chapter I
>   imagemagick
>         Recently, Depends: hicolor-icon-theme was added to the
>         imagemagick's control file, which triggered my curiosity: does
>         it provide something that wasn't needed (or was missed) by the
>         previous versions of the package, but is strictly necessary to
>         run the newer ones?
>         Indeed, it doesn't.
>         To prove it, I've made a trivial control file for
>         equivs-build(1):

first thanks for this but a bug report to imagemagick will be
morehelpful. Secondly I add depends on  hicolor-icon-theme in order to
the trigger on it for registering icon-cache.

Do you have checked if display on menu show the icons ?

Did you check if you install  hicolor-icon-theme after icon cache
trigger run correctly on the imagemagick icons ?

>         Well, it doesn't seem suspicious for anything *-icon-* and
>         *-data to depend on an icon theme, but what about the rest?
>         For a start, I've omitted rabbitvcs-core and viridian, and
>         considered d-feet, flush, openteacher, perlpanel, and synaptic.
>         Unsurprisingly, all of them were able to install and run, but
>         while openteacher is seemingly unaffected by the absence of the
>         data in question, the rest have had obvious issues: almost all
>         of the icons were absent, resulting in blank space on the GUI,
>         missing controls, and warnings to stderr (stdout?)

Yes lack of icon. it the same on the gnome menu if I remove the

For imagemagick this will be solved in a future release with a non X
depend on the base version. But it is really too late on freeze.

>   Conclusion
>         Since there're (as it seems) virtually no issues with running
>         imagemagick without a “real” hicolor-icon-theme installed, my
>         suggestion would be to downgrade the dependency to Suggests: (or
>         Recommends:, if there's some point I've missed.)
>         As for the other packages considered, my suggestion would be to
>         downgrade the dependencies to Recommends: (or, for openteacher,
>         to Suggests:, if it's indeed unaffected.)
>         Unless there'd be any objections, I'll consider filing a bug
>         against imagemagick, and perhaps the other aforementioned
>         packages as well.
>   Post Scriptum
>         Curiously enough, the only “application” package having a
>         Recommends: dependency on hicolor-icon-theme is cheese.
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