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Re: adopting a recently removed package

Hello Again:

On 16/08/12 02:20, Paul Wise wrote:
On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 8:12 AM, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

Is there a simple and efficient way to do so ?
Sorry, I do not get how to figure out the ones closed by the removal:
can you put it in other words ?

When closing bugs, we can mark them as fixed in some version. When
removing packages, the archive maintainers choose to close the bugs of
the package and mark them as fixed in a version that ends in the 3
characters "+rm". You can search the list of bugs for ones that are
closed in a version ending in "+rm" and unarchive/reopen those using
the BTS control bot. If you have JavaScript enabled, then you will
have to click "Toggle all extra information" at the bottom of the page
before you can see any of the version information.


done !

As it may take a while before to get a refresh Debian package,
what must I do to make a ``reservation'' ? Is it an ITA ?

ITP (Intent to Package), since it is a "new" package.

done !


Best wishes,

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