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Re: adopting a recently removed package

On 15 August 2012 23:45, Jerome BENOIT <g6299304p@rezozer.net> wrote:
> Hello List:
> I would like to adopt a recently removed package:
> The package have still a Sid webpage, but accordingly there is no more
> maintainer;
> but there is a maintainer in its Squeeze webpage.
> How may I proceed to adopt it ?

I really don't know, and I am a DD.

So once I wanted to salvage a package which was removed in testing &
unstable. I uploaded into delayed & sent an email to debian-devel,
only to be hinted that I should have simply salvaged it (uploaded it
without asking any questions).

If the package was removed, and you are not a DD, I'd recommend to
prepare the package changes, upload to mentors and file RFS bug and
wait for sponsorship or comments.



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