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Re: Change default PATH for Jessie / wheezy+1

On 09/08/12 22:05, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> What you are proposing here is a hack based on dangerous assumptions.

Why you say this is a dangerous assumption?

I am not proposing adding this to already installed machines via
upgrades, but to add this feature to d-i, so it automatically adds sbin
dirs to the path of the first user on new installs.

I believe that many newbie users could be confused when they type on the
console "random-sbin-command" and get "command not found" or they aren't
able to use tab completion to discover that this commands are available
on their system.

> Why can't you customize your own computer $PATH for your user, if
> you feel this way?
Already did long time ago. Just trying to improve the defaults :)

> Also, I quite not understand why ifconfig is so important in the eyes
> of many participant to this thread, when there's an alternative, when
> other tools without other implementation would deserve much more
> attention. Others have already listed few tools, but here's my own
> list too:
> - tc (to be used with /sbin/tc qdisc show for example)
> - All partitioning / formatting utilities (mkfs, resize2fs, etc.)
> But that's about it. Why not trying to fix those instead?

These are two different things. Of course I agree with fixing the sbin
files that should be in bin.

But at the same time I think that adding sbin to the path of the first
user on d-i is a good idea.

I bet that the first user of the 90% of the systems (uid 1000) is also
the admin of that machine. Either because is a single-user machine
(laptop/pc) or because he is the one which installed the server and
therefore is the sysadmin.

Furthermore I believe that also this first user is added to sudoers by
d-i when installing a new Debian system

As of DebianSqueeze, if you ask for the Desktop task during the
installation, that pulls in sudo with a default configuration that
automatically grants sudo-ing rights to any member of the sudo group.
Depending on what user accounts you set up during the install, it's
still possible that you may not have been added to that group - you can
check by running groups.
""" http://wiki.debian.org/sudo

So, how can be the we add the first user of the system to sudoers and we
don't add sbin to his default paths?

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