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Re: node-like file conflicts

Na grupie linux.debian.devel napisałe(a)ś:
>> There might be even more if you assume that you can co-install Linux an=
> d
>> kFreeBSD binaries (yay, multi-arch world!).

> They might be co-installable but not executable (for the time being).
> The Linux emulation layer which is featured by kFreeBSD only runs in a
> chroot for now.

Hmm... When I was playing some time ago with multiarch on kFreeBSD it
worked without chroot. It wasn't working flawlessly, if I remember
correctly I had to bump Linux kernel version returned by kFreeBSD (some
sysctl), as it was below glibc minimum.

There were also some problems with dynamic linker, that I wanted to
debug and report to BTS, but never managed to. When both i386 and
kfreebsd-i386 versions of library were installed, ld.so tried
kfreebsd-i386 even for Linux binaries, or something like that. I think
the problem didn't occur with kfreebsd-amd64 (and Linux i386) and could
be worked around on kfreebsd-i386 by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
/usr/lib/i486-linux-gnu/ or something like that.

I may not remember everything exactly, but I definitely ran some Linux
binaries od kFreeBSD using multiarch without chroot ;-)

pozdr(); // Jarek

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