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Re: RFC: terminate init script when service is ready

On 08/06/12 00:35, Salvo Tomaselli wrote:

> systemd offers a solution but it is a complete rewrite of init, it's not 
> mature nor compatible, 

systemd supports init scripts which means it is compatible. It is IMHO also mature
as Distributions like OpenSuse or Fedora ship systemd per default.

> and requires services to be patched and to provide 
> special configuration files.

Services don't need to be patched and what do you mean with special configuration
file? If you mean the .service file they are just the equivalent of the init
scripts and are no configuration for the daemon.

> It would be fairly simple to implement, start-stop-daemon could set an env var 
> with it's own pid and the service could send a signal after listening to the 
> socket and before the accept(), that way before running the next service we 
> would be sure that the service is ready, and the services depending on that 
> can safely be started.

This means patch upstream software to interface with start-stop-daemon? How is
this any different than adding socket activation to an upstream project? What is
the benefit?

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