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RFC: terminate init script when service is ready


since services might depend on other services at boot, they must be sorted.

But after doing a "service foo start", and waiting for its termination, we 
don't know if the service has started or not, maybe the process was just 
created and is kept waiting by the sheduler, so when the next service is 
started the service might not really be there.

systemd offers a solution but it is a complete rewrite of init, it's not 
mature nor compatible, and requires services to be patched and to provide 
special configuration files.

Would it help to have the knowledge that, when the init script terminates, the 
service is running and ready instead of just running?

It would be fairly simple to implement, start-stop-daemon could set an env var 
with it's own pid and the service could send a signal after listening to the 
socket and before the accept(), that way before running the next service we 
would be sure that the service is ready, and the services depending on that 
can safely be started.

Just an idea...

Salvo Tomaselli

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