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Re: RFC: Why are so many debian packages outdated?

Svante Signell <svante.signell@telia.com> writes:

> I think this issue is very relevant to Wheezy. Why are there so many
> outdated packages going into this release? The whole idea of unstable is
> (to my understanding) to package the latest upstream releases, and get
> the bugs squeezed out, right? And when the freeze happens, the latest
> stable software is available to the next Debian release.

Yes.  And therefore you have just answered your own question.

Older software goes into the wheezy release because, at the time of the
freeze, just as you said above, one of the following was true:

1. The new release was not packaged for unstable.
2. The bugs weren't squeezed out in unstable before the freeze.

It's not particularly complicated, although of course fixing any one
particular case where we want newer software can be quite complicated
(because 1 and 2 both have to happen before the freeze).

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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