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RFC: Why are so many debian packages outdated?


Now when Wheezy is about to be released I would like to raise an issue.
How come that there are still so many outdated packages becoming part
of Wheezy. Some package maintainers are very responsive in upgrading to
new upstream releases, others are having packages several years old.

Something is not OK, compared to other distributions, why releasing
outdated upstream software (I'm not thinking about essential packages
here). Yes, I know about the rock solid stability, that's appreciated!.
But it should also reflect current software. gcc-4.7 is a good example
of current software (it will part of squeeze even if there were a lot
of complaints recently...)

The Debian package maintainer system is maybe too old-fashioned? Or more
NMUs should be made/allowed/encouraged? I know all packaging is made by
volunteers at their spare time, but anyway. Debian is one of the best
distributions, what about raising the bar a little higher?

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