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Re: solving the network-manager-in-gnome problem

Hi Vincent,

Quoting Vincent Lefevre (2012-07-22 15:53:13)
> I don't think there's anything wrong with enhancing the way that
> sysvinit works, as long as the user can still use the update-rc.d
> method.
There is: update-rc.d is a defined interface which works with sysvinit
and other init systems (soon). The ENABLE/DISABLE-mechanism is specific
to only one init system and it’s not consistent between various

> Anyway the Debian Policy Manual doesn't seem to
>   * forbid ENABLE/DISABLE switches,
>   * require that daemons should be run by default.
It doesn’t, but dh_installinit starts init scripts by default (which has
no effect in case of ENABLE/DISABLE switches of course).

Best regards,

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