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Re: MATE Desktop Environment in Debian

>I'd like to support the proposal to package MATE.

>While I agree there is code duplication, that's obviously something that
>will take some time to remove, however I also believe it's important
>not to wait until it's cleaned.


I strongly agree with Dave, we should not wait to solve this issues.
There is enough
potential for Mate to live on a non competing space to GNOME3 which
will not run
on modest or old hardware (e.g. arm based computers, computer with no
hardware acceleration).

There is also enough murmur and frustration about the lack of feedback
acceptance from
from GNOME developers. Personally, I feel the applications in GNOME
are dumbed versions
of their counterparts in GNOME2 only re-written in GTK3. This is not
usable to me.

And I am not alone out there. There are enough people who devote the
time making whole
Debian distros including MATE:

Not debian based:

This works could be directly invested in Debian. Project like
Skolelinux, or Debian Edu, which already
used GNOME2 based environment will suffer badly if they will be forced
to migrade to GNOME3
on thin clients. MATE will be an excellent continuation for their
project. And will also save
a lot of time re-designing XCFE to feet into thin clients.

Please, do not block  MATE in Debian, and let it live in peace side by
side to GNOME3.
I rolled up my sleeves and learned how to package mate to debian, and
I willing to contribute
to the efforts of cleaning duplicate codes and making MATE a viable
alternative in Debian.

Best Regards,

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