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Re: debian wiki BoF at DebConf

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 02:01:04PM +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>[ Please note the cross-post and Reply-To ]
>  Anti-spam
>  ---------
>  Much of the work we've done has been to deal with the ever-present
>  spam problem. The main thrust of that is to stop drive-by spammers
>  by making it harder to create throw-away accounts.
>  I added moin support for re-captcha for new account creation. Not a
>  very popular feature, but it basically worked OK. It's not friendly
>  for vision-impaired users (#678540), so we're probably going to
>  disable it soon; email verification is probably enough.
>  I also added moin support for email verification for new accounts;
>  previously, signup would ask for an email address for password
>  recovery purposes but did no verification. Now, an account
>  activation link is sent and the link must be followed before logging
>  in is allowed with the new account.

And an update on this front already - I've disabled the recaptcha
support already this week. We've since seen quite an uptick in spam
attacks. :-( I may end up re-enabling it yet...

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