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Re: Using FreeDesktop MIME entries directly in mime-support (Re: Fixing the mime horror ini Debian).

Hi Cyril,

On Mon, 2012-07-16 at 22:49 +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> (16/07/2012):
> > If nobody else volunteers, I propose to start a maintenance group for
> > the mime-support package, that I would store in a Git repository on
> > Alioth's collab-maint group.
 Just for the record, Charles has an advanced knowledge regarding MIME
in general. Hope we can work together.

> I think that's a perfect use case for collab-maint.
> László, do you really need a dedicated group for that?
 My intention was to limit people who can commit to mime-support. It
seems there are multiple viewpoints for example about
application/x-httpd-* types. One may do more harm with a commit if not
consulted by a group of more advanced people.
But I'm fine with normal collab-maint as well if you and Charles would
like that.


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