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Re: Moving changelog and copyright files to control tarball, or merging control and data tarballs ?

On 14/07/12 01:48, Charles Plessy wrote:
> This would not prevent dpkg to store the metadata somewhere else than
> /var/lib/dpkg later, as it would be easy to intercept the files and treat them
> appropriately, similar to what is being done with files in usr/share/doc with
> multi-arch packages.

/usr/share/doc in multi-arch packages isn't special: any
arch-independent file can be shared between libfoo:i386 and libfoo:amd64
(or whatever) with refcounting, as long as it's guaranteed to be
byte-for-byte identical in all architectures.

(Other uses for refcounting include Lintian overrides in /usr/share,
arch-indep headers in /usr/include, and tables in /usr/share that aren't
large enough to justify a libfoo-common or libfoo-data package,
such as /usr/share/libaudio2/AuErrorDB and


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