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Re: How I can help? - Second attempt

On Tue, 10 Jul 2012 00:56:31 +0200
jose antonio <srarcos@gmail.com> wrote:

> That said, I would like to ask if do you think I could help them to
> maintain some gtk++ program by way of introduction? or should I finish
> first the manual and create a small application?

It needs to be a package which will sustain your interest, so find a
package you already use or which sparks your interest and get the
source. Look at the existing bug reports and have a go at fixing some
of them. Send patches to the bug reports and talk to the existing

Always work on the version currently in unstable and test your changes
by building against unstable. (Keep unstable up to date as well.)

> What IDE do you use to modify the sources of the projects?

Whatever you prefer to use for a particular project. There is no
stipulation. If it helps you write/fix code, it is suitable.

> Finally, thank you very much for your effort and all your work!
> I like debian and would like to contribute with you, and maybe become
> a Debian Developer in a future! hehe

The first step along that path is to fix some bugs in the packages we
already have.

If some of those bugs are "release critical", all the better but
initially, just start with a package which is already in the archive
but which is interesting to you. There's plenty of work to do, there is
absolutely no need to wait for anyone here to tell you where to start
or what to do. Do whatever interests you and send patches. You'll find
most people will be happy to have working patches for their bugs.

Debian is currently in freeze for the Wheezy release, so it is quite
possible that bugs, even with patches, may not be uploaded but the work
is still valuable. Interim fixes can go into to experimental. If you
want to help the release, do have a look at the release critical bugs.



Neil Williams

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