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Re: Proposal for stage-1 boot loader for use with SecureBoot [Re: [Long] UEFI support]

On Fri, 6 Jul 2012, Rick Thomas <rbthomas@pobox.com> wrote:
> We need a "stage-1" boot loader, signed by somebody trusted (FSF?
> SFLC?) with a key that will be recognized by the SecureBoot BIOS.
> This is an un-changable binary blob, so it can't be GPL (is this a
> problem?)

There is no reason why GPL source can't be used for an unchangable binary.  As 
long as the source is supplied then it's not a problem.

Every Debian package is an unchangable binary, we don't change binaries we 
just replace them with newer versions.

There is a huge range of embedded devices with the Linux kernel (and other GPL 
software) in ROM which almost never get updated.  A Linux kernel in a mobile 
phone which has a locked boot loader is no different in terms of license from 
a secure boot loader under the GPL.

Using GPL licensed software to enforce signature checks is not a problem 
either.  We have GPG (and many other programs) for checking signatures and 
doing encryption and we have SE Linux (and many other options) for access 

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