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Re: EFI in Debian

Tanguy wrote:
>Steve McIntyre, 2012-07-02 18:42+0200:
>> As you might have seen from recent discussions about the Fedora and
>> Ubuntu strategies for how to deal with EFI and Secure Boot, there are
>> potentially major issues in the area. In Debian we don't (yet) have a
>> plan, so it's high time that we had some discussion. I've set up a BoF
>> at DebConf for this:
>I cannot attend, but hoping it can be useful, here are some pointers to
>things I wrote some time ago on this subject.
>A blog post explaining how to set up Debian to boot via UEFI:
>    http://tanguy.ortolo.eu/blog/article51/debian-efi
>A message to this list detailing the UEFI boot procedure and what is
>required to support it:
>    <je7174$b6p$1@dough.gmane.org>
>    http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2012/01/msg00168.html

Cool, thanks for the pointers. If you can make it, please try to join
the session via video and irc?

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