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Bug#679173: blueman-manager: File Send and all later operations time out (Re: No transfert file from or to the smartphones and my PC: SONY xperia x10 and HTC One X)

reassign 679173 blueman

Hi Jean Pierre and blueman maintainers,

Jean Pierre Hoareau wrote

>   You wil find her under some detail about what hapen when I try to
> send a file to my  "HTC ONE X" smartphone . I think you are able to
> reproduce this fail if you use the same hardware.

Thanks much for this.

> root@soleil:~# lsusb
>     Usb Bluetooth Dongle : Bus 006 Device 002: ID 0a5c:2121 Broadcom Corp. BCM2210 Bluetooth
>      HTC-ONE-X, Androide 4.0.3, ICE.
>     Bluetooth software 4.0.
>     API HTC SDK: 4.12
> *WHAT I DO :*
>     1- Start my computer under DEBIAN WHEEZE kernel 3.2.0-2-686-pae
>     2- Plug ma bluetooth dongle USB
>     3- Launch "blueman-manager" in console to get messages;
>     4- Search "new adapter or device" from the screen. (HTC-ONE-X Found)
>     5- Pair the Computer and the Smartphone. (Pairing OK)
>     6- Send a file size *17ko* from the PC to Smartphone (result OK)
>     7- Send a file size *48 ko* .........
> .................... (Result Fail "Request Time Out") no File send.
>     8- Retry (6) OK
>     9- Retry (7) OK ......Why ?
>     10- Send a file size *220 ko*  Result Fail "Request Time Out" no
> File send
>     After this step any thing you do fail due to a Request Time Out.
[logs snipped, available from [1]]

Jean Pierre: please attach output from the "reportbug --template blueman"
command.  You can use your mailer's reply-to-all feature to ensure that
the output is included in the bug log and the blueman maintainers
receive it.

Blueman maintainers: Known problem?  Any ideas for tracking it down?

Thanks again and hope that helps,

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/679173

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