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Re: Improving our response to "duplicate" packages in Debian


On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 08:41:07AM +0200, Michael Hanke wrote:
> I think this is approaching the problem from the wrong end. Instead of
> preserving the status quo and asking oracles to predict the future we
> should have better means of _removing_ software that has proven to be
> inferior of an equivalent alternative in Debian. The advantage is that
> we have objective criteria to be able to make an informed decision --
> not a guess based on heuristics and opinion. The disadvantage is that it
> imposes work on other volunteers -- but see below...

well, what do you have in mind?

If you happen to think along the lines of bug count per package, that's
easily challenged (imho), and defining "equivalent" is also far from
providing an objective criterion.

On top of that, I happen to appreciate the choice I have in Debian,
instead of the only one true way to do things. Just think of the
"equivalence" between KDE and Gnome, or vim and emacs, for a start.
Imho, going that road is the fastest way to wind down our user base to
less than a third of the current size.

I also think that Craig and Russel are right about the incentives and
risks for newcomers not being able to scratch their itch, and failing
in a core project.

May I ask what are the driving reasons behind the advocated change with
respect to our tradision are?

Kind regards,

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