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Re: Future of update-rc.d in wheezy+1

On 27.06.2012 11:13, Roger Leigh wrote:
> I'd like to suggest that we do the following in sysv-rc update-rc.d:
> - wheezy: silently drop start|stop sequence numbers and runlevels
>   (this is already the case when using insserv, and we can remove the
>   non-insserv codepaths)
> - wheezy+1: warn if these options are used
> - wheezy+2: remove support for the options and error out if used

error out in dh_install or update-rc.d?

> And additionally, to add lintian warnings for use of these options,
> including when using dh_installinit.

All in all, sounds reasonable. Please go ahead with this.
It is seriously annoying making up random sequence numbers just to
please dh_install/update-rc.d.

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