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Re: cross-build-essential

+++ Svante Signell [2012-06-28 11:43 +0200]:
> The situation is even more complicated if compiling for different OSes:
> Like as host (build) Linux:i386 and guest (target) kFreeBSD:amd64 or
> Hurd:i386. Any plans to support such combinations with
> cross-build-essential?

Multiarch should support this and dpkg-architecture already does. So
if someone wants to maintain toolchains to do this then adding an
entry to cross-build-essential is easy. (We didn't put everything
possible supported by dpkg in, because that would be 271 packages :-)
Does it actually need a conventional cross-toolchain or is it like the
amd64/i386 case where a chroot and a personality is all that is needed?

I admit that I haven't thought about the issues for this particular
case in any detail. Is there actually a demand for being able to do

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