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Re: cross-build-essential

On 28/06/12 10:17, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Say I want to have the build-essential for i386 installed on amd64.
> I could install build-essential:i386, replacing gcc/g++:amd64 with
> gcc/g++:i386. Wouldn't that give me everything needed to cross-compile
> for i386?

For evolutions of the same CPU family (i386 vs amd64, powerpc vs
powerpc64) this sort of works, but after you've installed gcc:i386, you
can't compile 64-bit code any more (until you reinstall gcc:amd64). That
means that in practice you use a chroot for 32-bit compilation, and if
you're doing that, it might as well be a purely i386 chroot that doesn't
use multiarch.

For "real" cross-compiling - amd64 vs armel, say - you don't really want
to be running an armel gcc binary that emits armel machine code (which
is what gcc:armel is) under qemu emulation: it's technically possible,
but your build will be rather slow. What you want is an amd64 gcc binary
that emits armel machine code, which is what gcc-cross-armel:amd64 contains.


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