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Re: delete file with dcut on ftp master

On 28.06.2012 06:15, Frank Habermann wrote:
i have uploaded a package with dput to ftp-master yesterday.
I did some mistackes in the package and want to upload it again with dput.
But second time it does not work. I got a message to that i must
delete old files with dcut.

So i do a dcut:
dcut rm zendframework_1.11.12.orig.tar.gz

A sign command is uploaded to ftp-master but the file is not deleted.

Your command file has a broken e-mail address in:

Jun 27 21:53:07 /dcut.lordlamer_lordlamer.1340833798.30713.commands contains no or bad Uploader: field: lordlamer@lordlamer Jun 27 21:53:07 cannot process /dcut.lordlamer_lordlamer.1340833798.30713.commands Jun 27 21:53:07 Removing /dcut.lordlamer_lordlamer.1340833798.30713.commands



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