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Re: proposed sgml-base 1.16+nmu4 fixing #676717 and #678902

Helmut Grohne writes ("proposed sgml-base 1.16+nmu4 fixing #676717 and #678902"):
> Here is my next attempt to fixing #676717 and #678902.
> I incorporated the parser Jakub Wilk proposed and tested it on a variety
> of catalog files. See the discussion on #676717 for why update-catalog
> is starting to parse catalog files.
> In addition I added a Pre-Dependency on dpkg >= 1.16.4 to close #678902.
> Which highlights that the fixed dpkg trigger bug #675613, #676061,
> #676062, #676107, #676118, #676122 still shows up. As per policy section
> 7.2 I raise this Pre-Depends on -devel. 
> So the attached NMU is to fix all the known issues that have come up as
> a result of fixing #88010. Comments welcome.

I'm not convinced that a Pre-Depends is the best answer here.  I think
a better answer would be for the new dpkg to activate all file
triggers when it first starts, and for sgml-base to simply use


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