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Bug#679265: RFH: libisoburn -- command line ISO-9660 and Rock Ridge manipulation tool

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the libisoburn package.

I currently lack the time to maintain this package alone.
This includes a high-level library along with a versatile app
called xorriso for burning and image production. It has grown
a tremendous amount of options, to the point of being "language"
interpreter on its own right, also featuring other program 
option personalities (like these of mkisofs, cdrecord).
This is the hardest part to thoroughly test.

Debian-cd image production is in the hands of xorriso, except
for the PowerPC images due to lack of ISO9660/HFS(+) support
which is currently emerging.

Upstream conversations and following upstream VCS are almost a must.
Upstream is responsive. The alioth project could be reached at:
Co-maintainers welcome.

The package description is:
 xorriso is a command line and dialog application, which creates, loads,
 manipulates, and writes ISO-9660 file system images with Rock Ridge
 It maps file objects from POSIX compliant file systems into Rock Ridge
 enhanced ISO-9660 file systems and features session-wise manipulation
 of such file systems. It can load the management information of existing
 ISO images and write the resulting session to optical medium or as
 file system objects.
 Supported optical media types:
  - CD-R, CD-RW
  - BD-R, BD-RE
 Some interesting features:
  - Emulation of the mkisofs and cdrecord programs.
  - Data backup and restore capabilities - compression, ACLs, and filters.
  - Isohybrid MBR with partition offset - features booting ISOLINUX from
    USB sticks, or from other devices that appear to PC-BIOS as hard disks.
    The images carry a conventional partition table for a USB stick;
    the first partition reports the size of the ISO image, but starts at a
    non-zero address. It is nevertheless still mountable.
  - Jigdo Template Export - jigdo representation of the resulting ISO-9660
    image, generated on the fly.
 Test suite:
  xorriso source code comes with a release engineering test-suite called
  `releng', which aims to cover most of the functionality of the xorriso
  and the underlying libraries of libburn, libisofs, and libisoburn.

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