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Bug#679254: RFH: libisofs -- library to create ISO9660 images

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the libisofs package.

I currently lack the time to maintain this package alone.
The major drain of time is following various image specs, following
the upstream VCS, and further discussions. One interesting aspect is
that libisofs links with libjte in order to produce jigdo representation
at the same time while producing the iso image itself (state stable).
Further developments are ongoing to produce ISO9660/HFS(+) hybrids,
see #630351 for some details, which is also of interest of debian-cd
task (currently performed by genisoimage for Debian PowerPC images offered)
This would take quite some effort in testing and proving it correct.

Upstream is responsive. The alioth project could be reached at:
Co-maintainers welcome.

The package description is:
 libisofs creates ISO images which can then be burnt with cdrskin or other

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