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Re: Bug#679078: ITP: acpi-support-minimal -- minimal acpi scripts

On Jun 27, "Bernhard R. Link" <brlink@debian.org> wrote:

> I'd prefer to get this fixed in acpi-support-base, but I think you
> have made your point very clear that the only purpose of that package is
> to not do anything if some power manager is running and that to detect this
> perfectly you are totally willing to force anyone to install consolekit
> (and thus dbus) who justs wants his system shutting down cleanly when the
> power button is pressed. That this is not issue for you at all and that
> you do not see any problem in introducing this change 2012-06-21 i.e.
> shortly before the freeze.
Agreed. The consolekit dependencies are unacceptable for headless 
servers where you just want the ACPI power button event to work.
If fixing acpi-support-base is hard then acpi-support-minimal or 
acpi-support-server would be just as good.


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