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Use of the "general" and "base" packages (Re: general: after about 1 month...)

Hi Holger,

Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> retitle 678519 after about a month, routing gets wedged
>> # not a general problem affecting a large portion of the archive
>> reassign 678519 base
> reassigning bugs from general to base is pretty useless, as both pseudo-
> packages bugs are "maintained" by the same persons... 
> Basically the base-pseudo package is pretty useless as well, all it's 
> (current) bugs should probabyl be carefully assigned to the kernel, for 
> #678519 I just wasnt sure yet if its really a kernel or user configuration 
> problem...
> The general pseudo-package has some approriate bugs OTOH.
> But mostly bugs filed against those two pseudo-packages really need to be 
> assigned to a real package.

I figured the discussion of which package is resposible was more on
topic for virtual-pkg-base-maintainers@ than debian-devel@.  Though I
could easily be wrong.

In any event, I reassigned the bug to the kernel a few minutes later.

Hoping that clarifies,

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