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Re: Bug#678519: general: after about 1 month of uptime, routing of IPv6 packets is no longer possible, and IPv4 routing becomes slow and unpredictable. Rebooting brings all functionality back, and back to speed. so far the best way for me to discover is to try a ping6, and reboot the firewall (this machine), when ping6 from the inner network fails.


On Montag, 25. Juni 2012, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > Basically the base-pseudo package is pretty useless as well, all it's
> > (current) bugs should probabyl be carefully assigned to the kernel, for
> > #678519 I just wasnt sure yet if its really a kernel or user
> > configuration problem...
> Packages src:linux and src:linux-2.6 also need more people to work on
> bug triage and follow-up questions.

/me nods, thats also why I havent just assigned them to src:linux(-2.6)...
(+also because I also didnt have the time to do that just for these 8 bugs 


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