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Re: Report from the Bug Squashing Party in Salzburg

On 24/06/12 17:54, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 05:24:28PM +0100, Philip Ashmore wrote:
Anyway, I guess what I would look for, to share the bug squashing
atmosphere with others, is a YouTube video summarising the event,
maybe magazine style - it doesn't have to show someone actually
squashing a bug, but it might help highlight the community spirit,
and a video would be something I would click on to take a break from
reading text.

That's not a bad idea, but... Video production takes quite a lot of
effort, both human and CPU. If you would like to participate in a bug
squashing party and do that, please do.

On the whole, however, Debian already has its full share of people
with ideas.  What we chronically have a shortage of is people who do
things. Suggesting new things for others to do is orders of magnitude
less useful than fixing or attempting to reproduce any of the reported
bugs, writing even a barebones tutorial on the wiki, or helping someone
with whatever problem they may have when using Debian.

Could we perhaps entice you, Philip, to make a change to Debian instead
of suggesting things for us to do?
Bug#678854: Acknowledgement (icewm won't start)

I've also got several projects in SourceForge and in Debian Mentors - it would be great if someone could be a point of contact for me in Debian - the projects are all related.

Philip Ashmore

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