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Bug#678460: RFH: maradns -- simple security-focused Domain Name Service server

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the maradns package. The reason is mainly lack
of time and having someone to talk to about it would add some interest.

The package is in reasonably good shape except that we need to plan a transition
to the 2.0 version (currently in experimental). I had been thinking of working
hard to get a smooth upgrade. I no longer believe this is worthwhile. It just requires
a  new maradns2 package. The duende package can be shared between the two. A new package
also gives an opportunity to clean up the config. 

The package description is:
 An easy to configure DNS server that functions as a
 recursive and/or authoritative name server. Maradns is
 optimised for serving a small number of domains quickly and
 efficiently. Well suited to host your own private DNS server
 for making up subdomains with minimal fuss. Maradns is
 security-aware by utilising a special string library which
 is resistant to buffer overflows and mandating to run as an
 unprivileged user.

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