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Re: Summary: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

Dnia 2012-06-21, czw o godzinie 09:06 +0200, Wouter Verhelst pisze:
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> Yes; but if you're going to make /tmp be a separate partition, then your
> argument that there's more space on disk doesn't really hold anymore,
> either, since now /tmp is much much smaller than your disk (I've never
> seen a system with a separate partition for /tmp use more than a few
> gigs for that partition).

All my computers have 1 user. On all my non-laptop machines
I have /tmp as separate partitions which sizes are varying
between 9GB and almost 20GB. I try to at least have enough
space on /tmp to be able to store both DVD image (iso9660)
and data for it.
I have discovered moving /tmp to tmpfs on my laptop.
I was making backup and got message that I run out of space
in /tmp. After discovering the reason I have just changed
my scripts to use /var/tmp instead of /tmp.

From this discussion it looks like there is no easy compromise.
As a (power) user I would prefer to have debconf question
during upgrade, e.g. "We are proposing for you to move
/tmp to use tmpfs. On your system you have X MB of RAM
which means that your tmpfs will have Y MB. You can also
leave /tmp as is to use hard disk which will be slower,
can cause SSD wear-out, but will allow for storing large files."

Best regards.
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