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Re: Report from the Bug Squashing Party in Salzburg

On 20/06/12 15:48, The Fungi wrote:
On 2012-06-20 13:34:22 +0100 (+0100), Philip Ashmore wrote:
Has anyone thought about starting a hangout at Google+?

Sounds intruiging. Is there a Debian package in main so I can run a
Google+ server easily? Setting up my own IRC servers is already
pretty trivial, but if all the cool kids are installing Google+
servers these days...
No, I meant using Googles Google+ as an alternative to setting a location, arranging accommodation, setting aside X number of days for the trip, getting to and from there...

Some bugs triaging may require participants to reboot their PC (not everyone has laptops) so a bug squashing hangout would allow members to come and go.

The thought of setting up personal (or even Debian-wide) Google+ servers never occurred to me.

Philip Ashmore

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