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Re: On the (ab)use of the Urgency field

On Tue, 19 Jun 2012 14:19:43 +0200
marcel partap <mpartap@gmx.net> wrote:

> [
> > net effect of the above is more likely to be that the urgency will be
> > overriden on the britney side
> ... ?hmm? debian has a britney side? long blondish hair, well curved?
> niccce - *niicccce*--- :D
> *cough* freezes suck^^^ ]
> #hacky day folks ;)

This kind of behaviour is obnoxious, sexist and repulsive. An apology on
list is warranted and expected. If not, feel free not to bother with any
involvement with Debian in the future. Debian is a diverse group, all
of whom deserve your respect.

"No matter how you identify yourself or how others perceive you: we
welcome you. We welcome contributions from everyone as long as they
interact constructively with our community."

Your comments above are destructive, not constructive.



Neil Williams

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